Professional Translations

We are specialized in translations from English/ French to Spanish

English/French to Spanish

The key to this specialisation is our human resources, as all members of the Tradunet team are qualified linguists, specialised in translations from English/French to Spanish, our mother tongue.

Our values are:

  • Response capacity, proximity and personalised service as part of a professional relationship.
  • Control and supervision of all translations.
  • Fulfilment of delivery times.
  • Ongoing training and use of the new translation technologies.

We always translate into standard spanish
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Extensive working hours and availability

The geographic diversity of our clients has led to our extensive working hours: Monday to Friday from 8 a.m. to 10 p.m, every day of the year.

We are always available for our clients.

Wide network of native translators in all sectors

We boast an extensive network of native Spanish translators specialised in diverse sectors:

  • Marketing: corporate communication, advertising, company magazines…
  • Legal: contracts, deeds, subpoenas, sentences…
  • Financial: reports, accounts, investments, press releases…
  • Scientific: medicine, biology, pharmacy, environment…
  • Technical: telecommunications, architecture, construction, car industry…
  • Beauty, fashion and cosmetics.
  • Tourism, gastronomy and enology.
  • Sport, culture and music.
  • Politics and international organisations.

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